Busy week in Year 2

Term 4 has begun! We have been very busy this week. Our Inquiry unit this term is looking at our community.  A community can be a group of people who live in an area and share interests, government and facilities like the police station, sports ovals and shops. We will be investigating the people and places that make up our community. We started by drawing our own ideas of community. (You can find them on the photos page soon) Click on the link below to add your understandings of ‘Community’ already.



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15 Responses to Busy week in Year 2

  1. Zoe says:

    I agree, it has been a busy week! We are going to the police station

  2. Julian says:

    in year we have been very busy learning about the comunity

  3. Sophia says:

    today in writing we did procedure. I did how to play like
    Michael Jordan andLebron James

  4. caitlin says:

    last week 2mr went on an excursion to box hill libary. it was realy fun. we got put into 1-8 groups. Soon we are going to the police station.

  5. Cayleb says:

    It’s been a busy term,and we are going to the box hill police
    station soon and town hall.

  6. lee says:

    2mr is geting busier every second, on two days this week we have an excursion.

  7. Alex says:

    For math’s the class is learning about chance it’s sort of 50/50
    chance and less chance less chance is some times bad chance
    can be good

  8. Sandu says:

    2mr are having a really busy week. We are going to the Police Station.We are also learning about the community.

  9. enoch and severine says:

    2mr has been very busy this week.
    we are going on lots of excursions.

  10. Sophia says:

    In 2mr we have been looking at Volume. Volume is how much space an
    item fills.

  11. CHLOE AND KAHIM says:

    9 GROUPS OF 6 IS 54

  12. Ava says:

    Its been a busy term with grade2mr.We have been to box hill Library. We have been reading,Writing and having points.We a going to the box hill Police Station and on the town hall later.

  13. Hiru says:

    Its been a busy term when we are doing lots of work we are doing reading Writing and we have getting points. We went to Box Hill
    library. Then we are going to the police station and another day we are going to the town hall.

  14. Hiru says:

    Its been busy this term with grade2mr. We have gone on an excursion to the library and soon we a going to the town hall.

  15. Annabel and Chiara says:

    We’ve had a busy term so far. We have been talking about patterns. Pattern can be reapeat patterns

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