Being a Good Samaritan during Lent

Two weeks ago we began the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and is marked by the receiving of Ashes. We also noticed that the prayer table cloth has changed from green to purple, purple means it is a time of preparation. As Lent began we discussed different ways we can get our hearts and minds ready for the special feast of Easter. As a class we brainstormed different things we could do for others and wrote Lenten Promises that will be kept on the prayer table as a reminder.

One way that we have been getting ready for Easter is by focussing on a story that Jesus told called the Good Samaritan.  We have learnt that a parable is a story that Jesus told to people to explain how God wants us to live.

We watched a short clip that tells the story in another way.

We have retold the story using ‘Show Me’ and are learning about ways that we can be a good neighbour

Who was a good neighbour in the parable?

How can neighbours care for each other?

Who is our neighbour?

We will post our ‘Show Me’ presentations soon!


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