Our Show Me’s!

This week we have been working hard to get our Assembly and Yr 2 Mass ready.

We have been working on these  to present at our Assembly on Friday. We have discovered that presenting our information can be tricky when working in a group. Although our presentations are all different we have all learnt;

  • how to identify the main parts of a story
  • how to do a sequenced retell
  • that we all have a choice to help others and be more like the Samaritan
  • what makes a good friend
  • how important it is to have a script before recording
  • what good group learning can look, sound and feel like
  • it’s okay to make mistakes it is all part of being a good learner
  • we can use apps many different ways

We really enjoyed making these, even when we had some false starts!


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One Response to Our Show Me’s!

  1. Emma - James mum says:

    Hi 2MR,
    I have just been watching your Good Samaritan animations, they are fantastic. It is wonderful to see what you have been learning about at school. I look forward to seeing more of your work soon.
    Emma – James mum.

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